Our 2 restaurants

Breakfast is certainly the most important meal. Essential for a balanced nutrition, it replenishes your energies at the start of the day. The Hôtel des Cépages in Arbois takes particular care of it.

Judge for yourself !


AT THE HOTEL: The Grill des Cépages

From Monday to Thursday , in spirit of the Logis de France , dinner at " Grill des Cépages " is presented in "Menu Terroir ". This comprehensive formula, sympathetic and friendly, is appreciated by customers. The Grillardin accommodates, before you, products from the Jura Terroir.

CLOSE-BY: The Caveau d'Arbois

At five minutes walk from the Hôtel des Cépages, book a table in our
restaurant, Le Caveau d’Arbois. It’s the perfect opportunity to taste the Comté cuisine accompanied by a “Palette of Arbois and Jura Wines”.